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About « Top-IT



Top-IT was founded at 2006 by Dr. Liran Edelist and merged with Actiview at 2014.

Top-IT expertise combines C-level consulting with provision of tailored software solutions aimed to provide enterprises with better management capabilities.

We are focused around financial applications (“office of the CFO”) and BI tools aimed to improve business performance.

Top-IT provides its customers the best available IT solution by performing analysis of the problem, deep understanding of the customer’s: ecosystem, available technology & infrastructure and by accommodating the customer with a turn-key solution starting from the requirements analysis and ending with implementation, training and documentation.

In the last 15 years, we accumulated unique experience and cross platform and technology expertise.It provides us with a wider view of customers’ needs and assists us to accommodate the right solution that fits both the business needs and the available resource.

One should note that we represent several software vendors and yet, in some cases we implement a 3rd party solution, since our key concern is the customer needs.

Top-IT serves its customers directly and via a network of partners. We have customers from the private sectors ranging from banks and insurance companies, retailers, industrial companies, alongside government agencies and non-profit organizations.


Areas of Expertise

Budget planning, forecasting and control, Cash flows, treasury management

Financial reporting and consolidation, management reporting and costing




Highly professional team, committed to results. Proven expertise .


Innovation and Creativity

We encourage creative thinking, innovation and current and regularly engage in learning and research technologies and methodologies

Achievement of Goals

Knowing and understanding the needs of our customers we are committed to meeting the overall objectives of time, functionality and project budgets.



We perform projects only when there is a full match between customer needs and the services or products that we provide

Additional Services @ ACTIVIEW

      Big Data Various solutions include Stream technology

      Customer Intelligence Campaign management, Segmentation, Analysis and Statistics

      Data warehouses and Integration (ETL & DWH) – Expertise at large volume and complex datawarehouses.

      “Classic BI” solutions and best-of-bread tailor made solutions

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כניסת לקוחות למערכת שירות וניהול פרוייקטים
נא לחצו כאן

כחלק מהמחוייבות לשירות וניהול פרוייקטים מתקדם, כל הפרוייקטים והשירותים מנוהלים בשילוב מערכת מתקדמת לניהול פרוייקטים.

המערכת פתוחה לכלל הלקוחות ומאפשרת ניהול יעיל, תיעוד, מעקב ובקרה אחר כל פעילות שירות ופיתוח.

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